Church street Church street Town baths and the old paragoric shop. Now the site of the Co-op department store. 126695182 Church Bells St Edithas church bells 126695830 Baths and Institute. Just think how much Tamworths tourist industry would be worth if We still had all this today. 128878973 Baths and Institute. 128878974 Tourists what Tourists. The farce that is now going on about the moving of the tourist information center really looks to be a joke when there is nothing left for tourists to see. 128878972 Baths and Institute. 128878975 St Edithas Church. This photo shows the railings around St.Editas Church. The railings survived the war when other railings where being cut down for the war effort because they where considered to historically important to remove. In later years the council cut them down to widen the road but the pedestrianised it instead and the railings where sent for scrap! 128878976 St Edithas Church Showing the wall and and railings. 126695831 Old Stone cross Nice view of the Old Stone Cross before the frontage was modernised. 128497669 Co-Operative Church St. Nice modern photo of the same area. 128497772 44 Church St This medival timber framed building was one of many demolished in Church St. 128497688 Church close Now the entrance to Church close next to the old police station now the "Colin Grazier" hotel 126695183 Middle Entry The origional "Middle Entry" and the "Wheatsheaf" pub. 126695829 The Wheatsheaf Pub Looking at the back of the previous picture of the Wheatsheaf public house/middle entry. Looking through the entrance You would be facing the Collin Grazier Hotel. Note the Rabbits hanging up and the vegtables on the table. 128878971 Church Street Church Street in the 1950s 140916965 Godfrey Stores 45 Church street 126695828 Chattertons shop As the sign above the shop says, John Chatterton was the owner of this shop and was licensed to sell tea, coffee, pepper, tobacco, and snuff. John Chatterton may well be the gentleman on the right of this photograph. 1890 - 1910 (c.) 128497668 Church Street, Tamworth On the left of this photograph is Carroll's Army and Navy Store, with the Co-op Butchers, previously Hunter's Butchers, on the right. The archway led to Hunter's Yard, with Machin's Pickle Shop being directly on the right hand side of it at this time. The shop on the far right was occupied by Bob Walton, and had previously been occupied by Rex P. Bartle, a Gents Tailor/Outfitter. 1960 - 1979 (c.) 128497670 Electric showroom Now the Silk Kite pub and spoilt by now having the tower and clock lowered the Electric Board showroom had the towns air raid siren mounted on the roof. It started life in the 1930s as "Tadesco" Tamworth and district electric supply company 128497667 Church Street Church Street in the 1950s. 140916966 Life before the Co-Operative. Before the Co-op took it over this building belonged to Alfred Sadler and company ltd 128878970 Co-op Foodhall. As it is today now owned by the Co-op 140916967