Corporation Street. Corporation Street. Early Corporation Street This 1908 posted card shows Corporation St before the "Drill Hall" now called the Phil Dix Centre was built. 128955429 The New Drill Hall This slightly newer postcard shows the drill hall just after it had been built. 128955430 The Drill Hall. Now unbelievably named the Phil Dix Centre.after the man who cause so much damage to Our town. 140909045 Tamworth Free Library. A little girl standing outside Tamworth Free Library. 128955431 Free Library Front View. Free Library Front View and not a bus in sight. 128955432 Tamworth Bus Station. These where the days when Tamworth had its own bus station (now a car park) Tamworth is the only Town I know of now that has not got a bus station and its about time it was brought back as You need to catch a bus from one side of the town to the other to catch a bus at the moment?. 128955433 Assembly Rooms. Tamworths superb Assembly Rooms. 134386088 Tamworth Millenary The roasting of this Ox took place on Saturday 12 July 1913, the last day of Tamworth Millenary celebrations. The roasting of the Ox took place opposite the Assembly rooms where the Taxi Rank and car park are today. Members of the public could take turns at basting th Ox for a charge of 1d. 137621248