Lichfield Street Lichfield Street The Moat House 134510788 Three Tuns. Drinking at the back of the Three Tuns c1905. 134510789 Lichfield Street. The red brick school on the left was built c1850 by Sir Robert Peel (2nd Baronet) and replaced Peels smaller school on the opposite side of the street. The large town house with its Venetian windows on the right was the Copper Beech Hotel and is now the RAF Flarepath club. 134510790 The Moathouse. 134510791 Moathouse from the river. 134510792 The Moat House This nice photograph shows the Moathouse when it had a drive instead of a carpark. It was also taken before the horrible modern extensions where added to either side of the doorway. 134510793 High Rise Flats 1960s photograph of Tamworths high rise flats being constructed. 134510794 Tamworth Fire Station This Fire Station was in use from 1940 until 2011 when it was demolished and replaced with a new one. 134510795 Tamworth old fire station Tamworth old fire station, Lichfield Street, Tamworth, Staffordshire. This fire station was in use from 1929 until 1940, when Tamworth Fire Station came into service. 134510796